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Project for Renewal of Aqueduct Networks

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*The works began in Orange Hill sector and later on in Barrack and other Hill sectors.

*The technology used for this work is Pipe Bursting, consisting of the installation of a new pipe in the space occupied by the old pipe, which is previously destroyed and incorporated into the surrounding soil.

With the start of renovation work in the Orange Hill, the Secretariat of Public Services, together with Findeter, gave clear path to the project to renew aqueduct networks on the island. According to the Secretary, Johan Mancilla Fayllace, this ambitious project will significantly improve the service provided on the island.

"We are starting the transept that corresponds to Orange Hill. Then we will go to the sectors of Hill and Barrack. There is already a set schedule. We are starting from March and into the month of April in Orange Hill. We have seen the works that are being implemented with the new technology known as Pipe Bursting, in which it is not necessary to carry out excavations, only the driving line where the machine that inserts what is the new pipeline is installed, replacing immediately the existing one," explained Mancilla Fayllace.

The Secretary added that this new system is anti-fraud, and he is inviting the community to leave the illegality and carryout the installation of the service for free.

"We want them to make the connection, since this will bring benefits such as the connection to the aqueduct. Also, it will allow that there are no wrong connections. The connections that are fraudulent will be disconnected automatically and the new connections established during reconnection will be free for the entire community. After this, the user will have to pay for the connection to the aqueduct. So, we invite the community to request the connection when the social team is in the area. 

We will do everything possible to deliver benefits to the community, from tanks to the meter," added the secretary of Public Services.

Pipe bursting fracture consists of the installation of a new pipe in the space occupied by the old one, which is previously destroyed and incorporated into the surrounding soil. It is a trenchless technology recommended for the replacement of potable water lines in sensitive soils. It is capable of replacing concrete, steel or ductile iron pipes without decreasing the section, allowing even certain section increases.

The articulated drawbars are pushed from the draft well through the old pipe to the insertion well of the new pipe. Once the bars reach to the point, a cutting blade, an expanding cone and the new pip which is normally made of polyethylene, are attached. The teams have between 40 and 400 tons of shooting capacity.

The pipe to be replaced is broken with a breaking head or cut with a cutting roller. The fragments caused move against the surrounding terrain and the cavity is expanded, so that a new tube can be introduced into it. The replacement pipe can have the same diameter as the old one or even bigger.

"The previous works were more traumatic. Previously, they had to make the ditch with the backhoe. In this case, the trench, at best, will be one square meter and in each 20 or 30 meters there will be a new connection from another well of one square meter. This allows the new high density polyethylene antifraud pipe to be inserted that does not allow people to reconnect fraudulently. This anti-fraud pipeline will be implemented throughout the renewal of networks and will be installed in new sectors," said Mancilla.

The works have a period of one month in the sector of Orange Hill. Subsequently, work will begin on the Hill on two fronts. It should be noted that the renovations also include areas such as Bigth, San Luis, Cove, Almendros and the downtown of the island. In total there are 26.1 kilometers, of which 13.3 kilometers are renovations.


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