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Call to Complement the Departmental Planning Council

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*The deadline for the reception of the shortlist of three candidates was extended until Tuesday, May 7 until 5:00 in the afternoon.

The Secretariat of Planning is informing that the deadline was extended until Tuesday, May 7 for the presentation of the shortlist to be part of the Departmental Planning Council.

The list of the candidates will be made until 5:00 in the afternoon at the office of the Secretary of Planning, located on the third floor of the Coral Palace Building.

Similarly, the Secretariat is informing that, due to a typing error, the Economic Sector was included in the call, which already has its representative positions assigned according to Ordinance 007 of 2015.

According to the Ordinance, two representatives of the Municipal Planning Council of Providence and a representative of the unionized workers must be convened.

Thus, the Administration proceeds to modify the list of convened to complement the Departmental Planning Council, in accordance with the provisions of Article 41 of Law 1437 of 2011.

It should be noted that all organizations must have legal status and all the panels sent to the Government must submit the following documentation:

1. Candidates resume with supports.

2. Letter of acceptance of the application by the candidates.

3. Letter from the applicant organization indicating the sector for which the shortlist is presented, as well as the experience and/or links of the candidates with the sector.

4. Certification of the legal personality of the applicant organization issued by the competent authority.

5. Copy of the minutes of the meeting in which the application was made.

6. Explanatory document of the representativeness of the applicant institution or institutions.

7. Sufficient information on the identity, address and telephone number of the applicant entities and candidates.

The postulate must be linked to the activities of the respective sector or territorial entity and have technical knowledge or experience in the matters of the sector in question.

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