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Government Stand up to Hospital Crisis

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• Governor affirms that the service provider in charge of the Clarence Lynd Newball Hospital will comply with the contractual agreement.

 • The crisis caused by the shortage of supplies was solved today and on Sunday, more supplies will arrive to the island.

In response to the request and concerns of the general community, the Governor of the Department, Ronald Housni Jaller, is informing the community of the islands that the situation at the Clarence Lynd Newball Departmental Hospital was immediately attended. Through the Secretariat of Health, immediate and concrete actions are developing to normalize the situation and ensure the provision of services in conditions of quality and opportuneness.

As a result, to guarantee the operation of the hospital service, basic supplies have already been purchased and in the course of a few hours, there will arrive large supply of medicines and medical provisions to meet the total demand for services.

"We want the community to be informed of the progress we have made today, and especially to inform everyone that the hospital operator has not left; and while we find a definitive solution, the Health Service Provider (Universitaria), with Government supervision, will guarantee that the service be provided in a normal manner," said Ronald Housni Jaller, Governor of San Andres, Providence and Kethleena.

In addition, through the management of the Secretariat of Health, on Monday October 9th, specialize technicians will arrive to the island with the purpose of re-launching the Computerized Tomography (CT Scan) equipment, understanding that it is a necessary element for the diagnosis of traumatology in the emergency room which suffered damages due to the instability of the electrical fluid in the past days.

"In relation to the problems that the hospital presents with the electric fluid, we can inform the community that two important decisions were made: the first one is the immediate repair of the electrical (auxiliary) plant, which will be done with technicians who will arrive in the next hours; and finally, the energy company (SOPESA), will guarantee the continuity of the service in the circuits that feed the service to the hospital," states Heyder Avendaño Villa, Secretary of Health.


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