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Motorcade Event is Prohibited

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• The event called "Carnival Motorcade" is prohibited.

• Due to heavy rains and after consulting with the Horse Racing Union, the traditional Velodia Road Race will be postponed
The Departmental Secretariat of Government is informing the community in general that the event called "Carnival Motorcade," organized by individuals, which is scheduled for today, does NOT have the authorization from this Administration, and according to what is stipulated in the Police Code, it is forbidden.
Such convocation lacks authorization and approval from the Secretariat of Mobility, The National Police and CREPAD. As a result, the authorities will exercise full control in all avenues and will exemplarily punish those who commit actions that undermine tranquility and public safety.

The Departmental Government is informing the community that the only official event due to San Andres Day is a cultural activity in which a sample of our typical dances of the island will be on display and a musical concert with local artists. This event will take place on the Spratt Bight Beach Pathway, across from the area known as Mickey Mouse.
On the other hand, the Secretariat of Culture is informing that, due to the heavy rains of the previous night and, in agreement with members of the Horse Racing Union, the race which was scheduled for today at 3:00 p.m. has been postponed and will be reschedule for Saturday, December 2nd, in the area known as Velodia Road at 3:00 p.m.


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