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Reef Fragmets

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Secretariat of Agriculture and Fisheries transplanted nearly 13 thousand 500 coral fragments in the Department


• About 13 thousand 500 coral fragments were transplanted to repopulate one of the largest coral reefs in the world, Seaflower.

Coral reefs are one of the most vulnerable ecosystems facing the impacts generated by pollution in seas and oceans. For this reason, since July 2017, the project for coral restoration began in the Department, which is considered the largest in Colombia.

This program has achieved that in a year, the 28 artisanal fishermen that have received previous training, 13 in San Andres and 15 in Providence. They will plant 13. 468 coral fragments of 4 different species in eight nurseries between San Andres and Providence; for the Secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries, ErlydArroyo Newball, this goal was achieved thanks to the commitment of both the institutions and the fishing community.

"The commitment of our fishermen with this project was very valuable. Everyone made their biggest contribution and showed great interest in contributing to the health of our Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. From the Departmental Government we will join our efforts to support this great project that involves our fishermenwhich has allowed us to be the country with the largest fragments of transplanted corals, "said Arroyo Newball.

Throughout this process, the fishermen received training and technical teaching. Likewise, along with the Corales de Paz Foundation, different strategies were implemented that have allowed identifying the deterioration factors and the level of direct or indirect impact to counteract the threats generated by different human activities.


The first stage of this initiative was financed by the Secretariat of Agriculture and Fisheries, together with CoralinaInternational Conservation of Colombia, and the Corales de Paz Foundation.

The challenge for 2019 is to start transplanting in the areas chosen by the environmental corporation and approved by the community. According to the study, there will be around 5.000 reef colonies rehabilitated on each island.

"It is a valuable contribution of the authorities of the Archipelago of San Andres, Providence and Santa Catalina for the protection of the third largest barrier reef in the world," said the secretary.

It is an inter-institutional effort that reaffirms the commitment with the Environment, and with the protection of the Seaflower World Biosphere Reserve.



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