Strategies to Mitigate Erosion


• During the tour, strategies were also analyzed to return public space to the beach resort.

In order to establish strategies against erosion and the management of public space on the beaches of Rocky Cay, the Secretariat of Tourism, together with Public Services and Environment, Infrastructure, Fire Department, Office of Risk Management, Port Authority and Coralina, carried out a day of inspection in the area.

During the activity, the secretary heard the needs of tour operators working in the area, while extending the invitation to do a joint work for the island's economic and sustainable development.

"We have witnessed the erosion and the requests of the community to make presence and see the issue in a more serious and immediate manner to respond. Maybe we cannot give solutions to the dynamics of nature, but we can find solutions to try to mitigate the impact that this generates on tourists and merchants," said Yadira Olivo FlorezSecretary of Tourism.


The official emphasized that the articulation between the entities will make the solutions immediate because it is an issue of general competence. On the other hand, the secretary cataloged the lack of public space on the beach as a situation that must be controlled because the beaches are open places for the enjoyment of visitors and residents.


"We are making an assessment of the use of public space and the illegality of the establishments that are selling liquor, serving tourists, and the subject of beach chairs. This is a starting point from scratch to come up with more truthful, objective and immediate strategies to respond to the community that needs it so much and itis time to give it attention,” said Olivo Florez.


In the same manner, Olivo Florez highlighted the support of tourism providers, stating that there is interest in offering a better service. On the other hand, the Departmental Coordinator of the Office of Risk Management, Walden Downs Pomare, declared that work must be done now on the studies and reports that can offer a clear solution to the problem of erosion that is occurring not only in Rocky Cay, but on the various beaches of the island.


"A technical report and bathymetry are needed, that is why we are in company of the Captain of the Port and Coralina, which are the technical institutions and endorsed in the subject of risk knowledge to see what actions or interventions can be carried out to mitigate the damage that we are seeing in a short period,"concluded the coordinator of the Office of Risk Management, Walden Downs Pomare.

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