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Ombudsman’s Office Decentralized during the Conciliation Campaign

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• Ombudsman Office enables three conciliation points in San Andres
• Seventy-two community leaders are trained to reconcile in their communities.

From today until next Thursday, those who have conflicts can choose to approach one of the three attention points that the Office of the Ombudsman has selected to seek consensus.

This event, which is coordinated by the Secretariat of Government, entities such as the Police Inspections, Court Offices, Notary Public, The Family Welfare Institute, and the Chamber of Commerce are participating in this campaign. Unlike the Office of the Ombudsman, these entities are offering their service at their respective headquarters.

The appointed Ombudsman, Tonney Gene Salazar, explained that her organization has enabled alternate venues, with trained professionals in conciliation in San Luis, at the Youth Center of the Santa Maria Estrella de Mar Parish; North End, at the Communal Center of the Barrio Obrero neighborhood and a third point of attention to citizens, at the Coral Palace.

"All our staff is committed to this campaign that is expected to be of great benefit to the community and bring the contribution of peace and tranquility that the Nation needs," states the official.

Carmelo Perez Marimon, Communal Leader of Ciudad Paraiso neighborhood, explains that it is very important that all mechanisms of appeasement be implemented in the popular sectors of the island. "Our professions have the force of Law. We are mediators and we will raise the minutes of the agreement and these agreements between the parties, makes transit to things that are judge and has legal value.

The Superior Court of the Judicial District of San Andres, trained in the islands seventy-two Communal Leaders in Equity Conciliation, who have the capacity to be facilitators in conflict resolution in their respective communities.


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