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Foodborne Disease prevention

Foodborne Disease prevention campaign for Holy Week                                                              

· Care must be taken when buying and consuming fishing products to avoid foodborne diseases.

Due to the proximity of Holy Week and knowing that it increases the consumption of fresh and canned fish products such as fish, shellfish and similar, the Departmental Government, through the Secretariat of Health, is informing the community of the aspects to have in account at the time of purchase and consumption, to prevent diseases transmitted by food "Foodborne Disease" that may result from improper storage, marketing and preparation.

Citizens and visitors are asked to take into account the following recommendations:

1. Acquire products derived from fishing at establishments or recognized places of tradition that guarantee the basic conditions of hygiene and the temperatures required for the products that are sold fresh. Authorized with "Color Coded with Favorable Health Concept"

2. Remember that the characteristics of the fish at the time of purchase should be:

• Scales adhered to the skin of difficult removal, when making pressure; the initial texture should be recovered and not be sunk.

• The eyes should occupy the entire cavity socket, transparent, bright, protruding and dark pupil.

• If the product has gills, these should have a pink or deep red color; they should be bright and appear homogeneous.

• The fins should be in good condition, complete, without rips, not showing ruptures, which indicates that it was cultivated or fish under good sanitary and management conditions.

• Dried fish should have a white to yellow color without red spots and its smell should be characteristic and not flavored (ammonia).

3.  Remember that the characteristics of crustaceans at the time of purchase should be:

• Exterior slightly damp, shiny and consistent.

• Gray or ashen reddish color when extracted from the water. Bright red once cooked.

• Body naturally curved, rigid, tail retracted under the thorax.

• Appendices resistant, firm and well attached to the body.

• Bright eyes that must fill the entire socket, standing out from it.

• Odor characteristic of each species.

4. Canned products must present complete information such as: lot, expiration date, name and address of the manufacturer and sanitary registry. The package must not show bulges, rust, perforation or bruises. Prior to the consumption of canned goods, the containers must be washed and their contents must be consumed the same day they are open.  

Finally, the Secretariat of Health recommends not purchasing products derived from fishing when one or more of the following characteristics are present:

• Disgusting appearance, mutilations, generalized traumas and deformations, not caused by storage effects.

• Abnormal coloration, smell or taste.

• Signs of decomposition or parasitic infestation.